About The Little Lillos

Who are the little lillos? Why, they’re little angels of course! Just a couple of good kids with a daddy trying to teach them the value of a dollar at an early age.

Certainly profitability is good, but you will see just by the price of the products that really, there is not a lot of profit going on. The objective is to teach them the basics of running a small little business. This includes, product manufacturing, packaging, shipping, customer service, and of course, how much money was made or lost during the process – and how they can find ways to deliver a quality product at a marketable price and make a few pennies for themselves.

Many products we carry are actually handmade by the little lillos. Sure, they fight about colors, who is doing more than the other, and well… just about anything. They’re sisters. It’s expected. They are involved with running a business. It’s expected. They are learning. Dad expects this.

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